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Discover the benefits of Document Management/Document Imaging

Sam the Scan Man enables companies to use Document Imaging to solve their document storage and retrieval problems. Document Imaging is the controlled storage of scanned images and electronic documents on a computer. Once these documents have been stored, they can be retrieved effortlessly and in seconds. Our expertise and extensive experience allows us to provide a state of the art service that can meet any customer's needs no matter the application.

Precious floor space is often taken up by filing cabinets with records often not in their place. Offsite storage is a solution but when you consider the costs and time to retrieving documents it is not worth your while. The management and storing of paper documents adds an extra amount of work in an already busy environment.

Sam the Scan Man can supports the total life-cycle of your company’s document work flow, providing offsite or in-house management. By utilizing our intelligent software, state-of-the-art hardware, our professional team, and online storage and retrieval, the benefit results in a fast, consistent, accurate and dependable service to our clients

Sam the Scan Man’s high volume/high-quality document scanners and data entry service accurately converts and captures to digital image, documents pertaining to:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Payroll

  • Picture documents: property details, photographs, graphs, and charts

  • Form documents: application forms of any kind (credit-cards, loans, product registration, etc.), surveys, questionnaires. 

  • And many more

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you will benefit from document imaging.
  • Do you often have to refer to documents you have previously stored?

  • Are there more than 3 people involved in the production of any one document?

  • Do more people require access to the same document from different locations?

  • Do you regularly receive documents?

  • Do you have a lot of filing cabinets or archive rooms?

  • Are your documents monitored/audited/regulated by an external organization ?

  • Do you have documents which are critical to the operation of your business ?

What would happen if you lost your critical business documents due to a fire, flood or unforeseen disaster ? 
Why you need a document management / Imaging solution!
  • Increase productivity by rapidly locating folders and documents

  • Retain corporate knowledge with the convenience of finding it every time you need it 

  • Scan your records to secure them in the event of Fire, Flood, or theft.

  • Simplify distribution of large sets of documents using our Remote Scanning Solution.

  • Enable concurrent access to the same document or folder

  • Safely secure your documents via Sam the Scan Man's Web Imaging Servers.

  • Recover storage space taken up by paper by more than 99%.

  • Automatically recognize forms and characters from incoming documents and reduce your data entry bills..

  • Scan and receive documents directly from your desktop to a centralized WEB server for immediate protection.

  • Establish document privacy with encryption technology, safeguarding them against unwanted intruders. 

Sam the Scan Man makes the choice easy Contact Us today.

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