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The choice is yours

There are many reasons why an outsourced solution will benefit an organisation and document imaging is one such solution that benefit most from a specialised service provider such as Sam the Scan Man.

Considering the value of records to an organisation’s existence, compliance requirements, and the need to be competitive through an efficient customer service function, it is no wonder record management requirements should be given high priority and left to be managed by those who know best.

Sam the Scan Man caters for all Document Management requirements that a business is likely to consider.

From receiving mail, processing and data entry, matching and verifying, scanning and storing, forwarding and approving, reject and exception handling to image distribution and locating, Sam the Scan Man will have a solution.

Many companies do not wish to invest in the hardware, software and people required to maintain a document management system. Many do not have the manpower (administrative and/or technical) to maintain such a system. An offsite solution allows you to gain all of the advantages of document imaging without taking on the start-up costs. You can then concentrate on the day-to-day business activities and leave the labour intensive paper handling, production and system maintenance to us.

Click the link Build a Solution and choose offsite services to determine the cost and the savings you business will generate using our solutions.

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