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Sam the Scan Man’s Remote Scanning Solutions
One of the biggest problems facing managers today in an ever competitive environment is the management of paper records and the costs associated to moving these from one location to another, ensuring that none go astray and that they are processed and available for retrieval by all relevant personnel, no matter where they are located, as quickly as possible.
Document imaging is a definite answer, and now with Sam the Scan Man’s remote scanning  solution services not only are the images available to anyone with authorized access but the data behind the paperwork can be captured and uploaded to the central mainframe or servers for half the cost than what it would cost to key punch it in the system.
How does Sam the Scan Man’s Remote Scanning Solution work?
The answer lies in a secure centralized WEB management Server, managed by Sam the Scan Man, to which all remote scanners are connected to via customized indexing and scanning software.
Put simply each remote location is equipped with a suitable scanner to handle the daily volume of paperwork quickly and easily.
The scanner is interfaced to Sam the Scan Man’s Remote Scanning Module, which is software that automatically recognizes your location and the indexing fields that will register the documents to be scanned. Indexing if required can be performed by Sam the Scan Man’s indexing services.
Documents are placed on the scanner’s automatic feeder, just as you would place these onto a photocopier, press the scan button and images are captured directly into a directory set up by the Sam the Scan Man’s Remote Scanning Module.
On completing a batch, the indexing screen pops up and information pertaining to the document, such as Invoice#, Date, Employee #, Purchase Order# etc, is key punched and entered onto the screen or via OCR (Optical character recognition) is collected automatically from the document.
Once indexing has been accomplished, simply press the SEND button and both images and index are sent directly to the Sam the Scan Man’s centralized WEB management Server.
Once the images are on the WEB Server they are immediately available for any authorised person to view.
Who can use this technology?
Virtually any business can take advantage of Sam the Scan Man’s Remote Scanning Solution, even if you are a single location.
Common applications include:
Accounts Payable
Delivery receipts, Purchase Orders, Suppliers Invoices, Journals can be scanned from the various branches remotely located from Head Office, the images sent to Sam the Scan Man and using Sam the Scan Man’s indexing services, are on the same day or next day or within an agreed turnaround period, made available to any authorised user. The index file can also be used to update the customer’s Accounts Payable database, from which payments and reports can be generated.
Small and large companies will achieve immediate labour and storage savings as well as improved efficiencies.
Accounts Receivables
With ever increasing speeds of data processing, it is becoming a necessity for companies to deliver products just as fast to their clients to retain competitive advantage. Orders being received immediately via online processes and systems being updated just as quick for dispatching goods, nevertheless leave a trail of paperwork that is bottlenecked in administration areas. Some records are kept in folders pending matching with other records before being properly filed away.
Delivered goods generally require the client to sign a consignment or proof of delivery document which is returned back to the supplier of the goods for matching with Invoices and Purchase details.
Although many companies today have automated processes in the Accounts Receivable function, many functions are in-fact disjointed.
For example:
Invoices and Statements are created electronically and many companies keep their copies stored this way or as PDF images instead of the printed copy. The latter offering some limited automated retrieval.
The signed Delivery records which in some cases are the Invoices themselves are in most cases received in paper format. These are either filed away in date order or sorted so as to match an invoice.
Signed Picking slips and Credit Claims from the distribution centre (DC) will either be kept at the DC or sent to Head Office for filing and possibly matching against the Invoice and signed delivery docket.
Depending on the nature of the inquiry, to retrieve a document may require accessing a number of systems before an answer can be provided. Customers may be requested to wait for the information. The process of retrieval can take from just a few minutes to days depending on where the documents are stored and whether they have been received in the first place.
Sam the Scan Man’s remote scanning solution and Sam the Scan Man’s data downloading service will ensure that all records are stored in one managed centralized server whereby an inquiry on a transaction will result, at the user’s option, in locating all of the required signed paperwork as well as the accompanying electronic Invoices and Statement that match with it.
In some cases our client’s customers can directly access their invoices or statements from our WEB services and by pointing to a transaction line on the Invoice or the Statement image, can reconcile and view all associated records, including signed documentation.
The client need not wait for a response, your customer service personnel can answer the query on the spot whilst on the phone, and if the client requires proof or additional invoice copies these are simply emailed directly from our database.
No more filing and savings in labour cost together with improved customer response and integration of various processes into one consolidated solution will advance your company to a new level of customized service.
Transportation Services
Whether you are a courier, a fleet, or a Freight trucking company your business will definitely benefit by Sam the Scan Man’s remote scanning solution and Sam the Scan Man’s data downloading service.
Depots that are remotely located from Head Office are equipped with scanners directly connected to Sam the Scan Man’s secure centralized WEB management Server.
On the driver submitting their paperwork to the depot’s scanning operator, a number of simultaneous processes happen.
  • A permanent image of the signed delivery docket is centrally captured

  • The delivery transaction is completed and notified automatically to a billing system

  • The customer is immediately notified of delivery reaching its destination with signed PODs available on the WEB or via email or fax depending on arrangement with the client.

  • The driver’s payment arrangements are confirmed with the completed transaction, if the drivers are subcontractors.

  • At the end of the day all expected delivery dockets that have not been submitted for scanning are listed together with driver and destination details for follow up.

By integrating electronically created Invoices and Statements into the Sam the Scan Man’s Imaging solution, your Head Office and depots, as well as subcontractors and clients can access data in private and securely in seconds simply by typing references on a Query screen or clicking reference details from the Invoice or Statement image.
Immediate service will match your fast and prompt freight or courier delivery service.
Human Resources – Payroll and Workcover Compliance
The laws and compliance requirements governing Industrial relations and Occupational Health and Safety are flooding many companies responsible for these tasks with voluminous amounts of paperwork.
The “better to be safe than sorry” attitude leads many departments and personnel to keep all paperwork that arrives in employee folders, even though duplicate copies already exist.
The constant access required with paper files in many cases result with the loss of records, delays and substantial photocopying costs when originals cannot be sent out.
The lack of integration between Payroll and Workcover software with paper records creates bottlenecks and inaccuracies which can be costly to an organization.
With Sam the Scan Man’s remote scanning solution paperwork as it arrives is scanned and indexed at Head Office or departmental branches scattered remotely and sent to Sam the Scan Man’s secure centralized WEB management Server.
All documents pertaining to an employee are immediately available to any authorised user no matter where the inquiry originates.
As documents are scanned as they are received or created the system will check for possible duplicates and display inconsistencies to a quality assurance officer who will determine whether to keep the possible duplicate or not.
A cohesive and streamlined business approach is introduced to the Human Resource function which will ensure that optimization is achieved not only in the day to day operation but compliance with statutory authorities and internal policy requirements.
Financial and Accounting Solutions
Sam the Scan Man’s remote scanning solution is ideal for  Financial institutions and Investment agencies which deal in branch type operations.
Savings in shipping documents to a centralized environment or where documents are generally held at the branch, savings in photocopies and faxes are generally accomplished when sharing of information is critical.
Signature Cards, Mortgage files, Correspondence, Investment portfolios can all be scanned at the time of collection or creation and available and shared amongst all authorised users independent of how far they are from each other and from anywhere around the world.
The Sam the Scan Man’s remote scanning solution permits selective records to be assigned for viewing by customers in their own special directories which can by the way be also viewed by your company. The assignment opens up access to your customers through passwords and they can easily verify their details at any time irrespective of their location. The service coupled with Sam the Scan Man’s data downloading service permits any record in addition to a scanned image to be stored on the WEB servers and made available as well as the corresponding images.
For example, suppose the client needed to view a signed record to determine if indeed they were the signatory, the document can be securely assigned to a posting bay which they can only access and verify by clicking a tick box.  On verifying the record, their instruction is immediately routed to the authorizing officer for completing the transaction.
Workflow functionality, a speedy and responsive service ensures you are on top of your competitors.
To take advantage of our services please call us on +61 3 8345 9200
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