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Sam the Scan Man can assist organizations small and large in deciding on an appropriate Document Imaging System that suits certain budgets and needs. Our experience with Document management systems and processes  places us in an ideal position to offer our client's sound advice on methodology and products that would be most suited to their situation.
Document Imaging
The collection phase, where records are collected and transported to the Document Imaging Bureau or we can organize an area onsite where scanning can take place with yours/our staff.
Preparation where staples and paper fasteners are removed from the records, and where batch document identifiers are used to denote the start and end of a record.
Introduces scanning; images are created digitally and at high speeds using state of the art equipment and software.
This process creates references to the scanned images, for example an index may consist of Account Numbers, Names, etc, whatever is necessary to pinpoint an Image.
The building of the Document Imaging Database, both indexes and scanned images are linked into a powerful database which can be stored on CD's, DVD's or hard disk storage servers offering fast retrieval across a local or enterprise network, including the Internet.
Our Document Scanning Services Include;

  Document Scanning

  Image clean-up

  Scanning text with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OCR correction

  Image Indexing and Index verification

  Document Storage Systems

  Document preparation

  Database creation

  CD creation

  Internet Image Hosting of your Documents with full encryption and security.

 Large Format Scanning

  Scanning software

  Data Conversion

Full Range Scanning Services

Storage and Retrieval of records are two of the costly functions an organization has to bear it whether they like it or not! Paper Records not only take up valuable storage space, but can also cripple a business, if the records are destroyed by fire, stolen by disgruntled employees, misplaced or lost. Scanning paper records not only creates a permanent copy which can be stored on a computer’s hard disk or CD-ROM, but can be organized with indexes permitting fast and responsive retrieval which can be performed over a network or broadband line. Storage space and retrieval problems are totally eliminated, resulting in cost savings and improved customer service. Click here to learn more having all your documents at the click of a button.

Accounts Payable, Delivery Dockets, Insurance and Payroll records are just a few applications suited to Image Scanning. No matter the size of paper, A0, A3, A4 etc or colour, we have a solution for you.

 Automated Data Capture

Surveys, Stock-take, Time sheets, Consignment Notes and any Form that presents information in a structured format can have data extracted automatically minimizing data entry and errors, and assist in the index creation of a Document Imaging System.

We can suggest ways of designing accurate, easy to complete forms or use your existing forms for automated data extraction. Our systems include intelligent scanners and software that can read typed, barcode and handwritten text. Each data entry field is programmed to decipher, compare and verify data against preset rules ensuring speed, accuracy and allowing costs to be kept very low when compared to traditional data entry methods. The output data can be formatted to suit your favourite program or database.

The savings when using Automated Data Extraction compared to traditional keypunching can be as high as 800%. 

Data Entry Services

For applications, which are not suited to Automatic Data extraction, we offer full data entry services and verification. Our advanced software programs can be tailored to your application enhancing the speed of our data entry operators, and reducing costs without compromising in accuracy.

No matter the application we can assist by adopting years of experience to your project.

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